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About the magazine

Sports Illustrated magazine is a sports magazine that delivers full coverage of sporting events and insightful editorial about the latest headlines.

Published since 1954, Sports Illustrated magazine is dedicated to going beyond scores and statistics with in-depth features that highlight the athletes and stories across all sports that give meaning to the game. The magazine holds the distinction of being one of the first to recognize the popularity of professional football in America, and its valued scouting reports and recruiting coverage has enhanced the following of that sport.

Throughout the year, preview issues are published for all major sports, such as college basketball, college football, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. The magazine regularly covers both college and professional sports for both men and women throughout the year. The first weekly full-color sports magazine in America, Sports Illustrated magazine features stunning photography, as well. Every year since it was first published, Sports Illustrated magazine has recognized a "Sportsman of the Year," who is also honored with a special issue. Another popular annual issue is the "Moments of the Year" as determined by fans. However, its most famous annual special issue is Sports Illustrated magazine "Swimsuit Issue."

First published in 1964, it has evolved into its own business including TV shows, videos, and annual swimsuit calendars.

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