FREE Lil Gourmets Meal after Cash Back

FREE Lil Gourmets Meal after Cash Back Rebate

Get a FREE Lil Gourmets Meal with this new cash back rebate offer from Aisle. You’ll get reimbursed 100% via PayPal or Venmo. Click here for their store locator.


  1. Go here and enter your phone number to get started
  2. Purchase any lil’gourmets meal at your local retailer
  3. Text a photo of your receipt
  4. Receive your cash back within 24-72 hours

About Lil'Gourmets

lil’gourmets is the first and only fresh organic veggie meal for babies & toddlers. Our global recipes feature almost all vegetables and beans, combined with healthy fats like coconut milk and olive oil, and unique chef-crafted spice blends for delicious meals that are sold refrigerated and closest to homemade. Each cup delivers 1+ serving of veggies and/or beans with no added salt or sugar and only 2-5g of natural sugars (less than half of the average baby food).