FREE $35 Cash Bonus

FREE Varo Bank Visa Debit Card + $35 Cash Bonus and $35 Referrals

Varo Bank is offering a FREE $35 Cash Bonus when you sign up as a new member and spend $20 using your FREE Varo Visa Debit Card within the first 30 days. Simply follow the instructions exactly as listed below so you can claim your FREE $35 before the offer ends on July 13, 2023!

How to EASILY get your FREE $35 Bonus:

  1. Sign up here and follow the instructions.
  2. Deposit at least $20.
  3. Once you get your card in the mail, spend that $20 on anything (we loaded $20 to our Amazon balance) and you'll get $35 added to your account within 3-5 business days.

TIP #1: If you don't want to link a bank, you can add $20 to your account using a debit card (Cashapp works)!

TIP #2: If you don't want to spend the $20 on anything, you can send a PayPal invoice to one of your emails and use the virtual card to pay it and you'll get the $20 right back!

Invite your friends to open a Varo Bank account with your unique link in the app and you'll get $35 added to your account when your friend spends $20 with their Varo debit card within 30 days of opening their new account. You and your friend will both earn $35!


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