Free Copy of 'I Hope We Never Meet'

Free Copy of 'I Hope We Never Meet' by Andrew Finkelstein

Free Copy of 'I Hope We Never Meet' - In I Hope We Never Meet, Andrew Finkelstein, with Sarah Lunham, tells his clients’ stories of tragedy and recovery, demonstrating how families have rebuilt their lives by holding offenders accountable. Click here to get a free copy of the book mailed you, while supplies last.

About the book

For attorney Andrew Finkelstein, every day is an opportunity to fight for redemption. He battles on behalf of his clients-families facing the devastating aftermath of preventable catastrophes. When a loved one is killed on the job, Andrew helps the family pick up the pieces; when a construction worker is paralyzed due to inadequate fall protection, he helps them regain control, focus on recovery, and discover optimism in the darkest of times.