Earn Free BIC Products

FREE BIC Products from BIC-Cause We Care Community

Earn Free BIC Products - Join the BIC-Cause We Care Community and earn Free BIC Products such as pens, colored pencils, branded-swag and more. The more you engage the more rewards you can receive! Go here to sign up for free then verify your email and fill out your profile. Go to your Dashboard and you'll earn points for every activity you complete including Missions, Surveys, Quick Offers, Polls and sometimes discussions. Watch your email for more ways to participate and earn points to redeem for BIC discounts, Amazon gift cards and more.

What is BIC®-Cause We Care community?

This community is a gathering place for anyone who has a passion for improving the learning conditions for students, nationwide- which is more important now than ever. When you become a member of the new first-ever BIC®-Cause We Care community, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other members who share your passion for education and making a difference in your community. Together, we’ll rally around some of the biggest challenges facing education- globally, such as quality, inclusivity, and equity- with the hopes of sharing resources and solutions to improve the conditions for students of all ages! You’ll be able to engage with your fellow BIC®-Cause We Care community members in Missions and activities, sharing resources, information, causes, and more.