FREE Symphony Of Motion Oculus Quest Game

FREE Symphony Of Motion Game for Oculus Quest VR Systems

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Oculus has the game Symphony Of Motion for FREE for Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a complete beginner, this is a new and intuitive way to create and experience music. Click here then log in to your Oculus account to add the game.

About the game

In its simplest form, you just move your hands around to create unique sounds, melodies, and rhythms. There are no “wrong” notes to worry about (as you always play in a specific scale) and you can always stay on perfect tempo with the build-in perfect timing assistant. For the more experienced musicians, it also offers a lot of customization options, a build-in looper, and new levels of expressional depth with its three-dimensional motion modulation, live pitch-shifting drums, and melodic pads.

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