FREE HGTV Mag Subscription or $10 Reward

Free 1-Year Subscription to HGTV Magazine or $10 Reward Check

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Mercury Magazines is offering a FREE 1-Year Subscription to HGTV Magazine with no strings attached and no credit card needed. If you're not interested in this magazine, you can redeem your gift code for a $10 rebate by mail in lieu of receiving the magazine (see instructions below**).


  1. Click this link then fill out the form and click Next.
  2. Answer some questions about your job and click Next. If you don't work, select these options:
    • Company Size: Choose 1-4
    • Industry: Select Other Industries for the Industry
    • Sub Industry: Select Homemaker, Retired, Student, or None
    • Job Function: Choose Other Function
    • My Job Function: Choose Student, Retired or None
  3. Select the FREE magazine then click Continue.
  4. Close out or skip any additional offers that may pop up.
  5. You'll now see the magazine details, a gift code and a form for your contact information.
  6. **IF YOU WANT THE $10 REBATE, print this form then fill in the required info and mail to the address listed on the printed form and your $10 check will be mailed to you in about 6 weeks.
    • Your Gift Code can be found on the page where you enter your mailing address.
    • Do NOT enter your address or submit the online form or you'll use the code and be ineligible for the $10.
  7. If you want the magazine, complete the form with your address and send off your request and your first digital issue will arrive in your inbox in about 6-8 weeks.


HGTV Magazine is about real life at home. In every issue you'll find money-saving mini makeovers, simple ways to conquer clutter, smart DIY solutions, time-saving cleaning tricks, and so much more. Plus--see how the HGTV experts really live!

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  • Clementine


    I have ordered from Mercury for months now and have received the magazine I've requested. It can take up to two months for them to start rolling in. No bad experience with Mercury, whatsoever. :)

  • Mrmylesinnj


    How long does the check take to come? Last time this was put out I never filled out the magazine form or got my check. Are you sure this is legit?

    • MrsVonBeau


      After you mail in the rebate form, it can take about 3-6 months for the check to arrive.

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