Free Video Greeting Card

FREE Video Greeting Card with Envelope Every Month

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Get a Free Video Greeting Card every month from Freebie Greetie! No credit card or payment required. You can choose the design every month or they'll send you the most popular design of the month. Go here to sign up and they will mail you a greeting card on heavy weight stock with a fancy envelope. You can add videos and gifts to the digital code on the card.


Freebie Greetie is a free card subscription product by Clipjoy registered in New York City, New York.

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  • sandyw


    there is no charge for the cards, they charge you when you do a video. when they send you a card, if you dont use it or do a video, that means you are cancelling.

    • MrsVonBeau


      There is no charge for the video (we confirmed this with the company). You only pay if you attach a gift card or online order gift to the software on the cards.

      "If no gift is attached, we also will occasionally show an approved advertisement after the video you record. We believe gift fees and occasional post-video ads can subsidize the free video greeting card."

  • snuffaluphagus


    signed up. i am sure there is a catch,guess we shall see. I'll update if i figure it out

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