Free Trick or Trash Box

FREE Halloween Candy Wrapper Recycling Box for Businesses, Schools and Organizations

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Rubicon’s mission is to end waste. Ahead of Halloween, participating schools, independent businesses, and community organizations can order a free Trick or Trash box, enabling students, customers, and community members to recycle candy wrappers instead of throwing them in the trash. Click here to have a box delivered to your business address, school location or organization.

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Rubicon started Trick or Trash™ in 2019 with this goal in mind, sharing their passion for sustainability with each candy wrapper collection box delivery.

The boxes are shipped using the UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment program to ensure they keep the Trick or Trash™ carbon footprint very low. Each box is filled up with candy wrappers (and only candy wrappers, please!), taped shut, and mailed back to our recycling processor using a pre-affixed label. Participants receive a Certificate of Recycling, confirming how much would-be waste they divert from landfill.

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