FREE Medication Reminder Labels Sample

FREE Tooktake Daily Medication Reminder Labels Sample

For a limited time, you can get a FREE sample of Tooktake Medication Reminder Labels mailed to you. Tooktake reminder labels work on all forms of medication, vitamins, and supplements. Liquids, creams, drops, ointments, sprays, and of course, pills. Click here and enter your information on the form then confirm your email to complete your request.


Tooktake is an easy-to-use, label-based medication dosage reminder system that lets you know if you took, or still need to take your medication and supplements. Unlike pillboxes or complicated “smart” reminder solutions, tooktake labels work for tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, and most other types of packaging, and are available in three formats to cover most dosage requirements; hourly, daily, and 7-10day. Tooktake is also great for travel because everything remains in its original packaging as recommended by travel experts and doctors.