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FREE Custom Pet ID Tags with FREE Shipping

Claim a FREE Custom Pet ID Tag when you join America's first free text based Amber Alert for Pets. The stainless steel tag for your pet's collar that will include their name, unique Fido ID (for dogs) or Tabby ID (for cats), and a custom QR code. This tag will be incredibly effective in getting your pet home quickly if they are ever lost. Your first tag is free! Click here and create your free account then go to your Dashboard, click the +Add Pet button and add your pet to order their free ID tags. The unique Fido ID on your pet’s tag lets pet finders easily notify you if your lost pet is found.

About FidoAlert

FidoAlert is a FREE nationwide pet alert network that connects you to thousands of local Pet Finders in your area to bring your lost dog home safe and sound. FidoAlert is FREE to all pet owners in the US.