FREE Samples of Coffee Based Fertilizer

FREE Cup of Grow Coffee Based Plant Food Samples

UPDATE: There is now a 99¢ charge for shipping. For a limited time, Cup of Grow is offering a FREE Sample Pack of Coffee Based Plant Food that includes 3 mini bags of solution (mix each bag with a gallon of water) and a business card. Shipping is FREE as well! Click here then Add to Cart and go to Checkout and place your order. No payment info required. Thank you, JenniferRowton!

About Cup of Grow

Cup of Grow is a company committed to selling the perfect all-natural fertilizer that enriches all plants growing them stronger and healthier, while keeping harmful chemicals out of the mix. The proprietary fertilizer solution is composed of ingredients that are rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and many other micro-nutrients that are essential towards the successful growth of all plants.


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