FREE Baby BLUE ​Chewy Chatterbox

FREE Blue Buffalo Baby BLUE Chewy Chatterbox Kit if Chosen

Apply for the chance to be selected to get the FREE Blue Buffalo Baby BLUE ​Chewy Chatterbox from RippleStreet! There are 400 spots available. If selected as a Chatterbox, you'll receive ONE of these great Chat Packs: High Protein Puppy Pack, Moderate Protein Puppy Pack, High Protein Kitten Pack or Moderate Protein Kitten Pack. Click here and apply by June 6, 2022 for your chance to participate. GOOD LUCK!


Baby BLUE is the ideal choice for Pet Parents who want to feed their puppies and kittens a healthy, natural formula they can feel good about. Formulated by veterinarians and animal nutritionists, Baby BLUE is made with carefully chosen ingredients to help puppies 🐶 and kittens 🐱 thrive.

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