5 FREE Stocks valued up to $3000

5 FREE Stocks Worth $3-$3000 Each

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Through April 30th, you can get 5 FREE Stocks valued between $3-$3000 each when you open a new Webell account! You'll get 2 FREE Stocks just for joining (NO deposit required) then you'll get another 3 FREE Stocks when you make a deposit of ANY amount (1 cent works)! You can sell your stocks to invest in something different or cash out to your bank at anytime after the funds have settled.

How to get your free stocks

  1. Click here and sign up
  2. Download the iOS or Android
  3. Open the app, sign in, then tap on "My Free Stock" from the menu
  4. Tap "Open Account" to register then "Get it Now" to open a new brokerage account
  5. Make a deposit of $0.01
  6. When the deposit settles in your account, you’ll be able to claim your free stocks under My Reward
    • Tap on Messages at the bottom right
    • Tap on your profile at the top right
    • Tap on My Rewards
    • Claim any rewards available under the To be claimed section and the free stock will be credited to your account within 5 business days
  7. You are free to sell your stocks and cash out to your bank at anytime.
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