Free Sample Patches for Foot Pain Relief

Free Sample Patches for Foot Pain Relief

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Get Free Sample Patches for Foot Pain Relief mailed to you from The Foot Patch. Shipping is Free as well. US residents only. Click here then fill out the form and look for your samples to arrive in about 4-6 weeks. While supplies last. Thank you, JenniferRowton!


The Foot Patch is the only pain relief patch of its kind on the market specifically designed for the foot. The patch contains tried and true FDA approved pain medicine in the highest concentration possible without a prescription. Plus, we added natural wintergreen oil for a pleasing aroma. Placing the patch over the top of the foot, on the arch, or going up the ankle puts the medicine directly over the nerve and blood pathways going through your foot. And the patch has a soft, super-grip gel that keeps the patch in place and delivering relief for up to 8 hours.

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