Free Water Test Strip from Morton Salt

Free Water Test Strip From Morton Salt To Find Out If You Have Hard Water

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Want to find out if you have soft or hard water? Request a free water test strip to help you find out. Soft water is better because it leaves your hair and skin feeling soft after your morning shower and can improve the taste of your drinking water. The difference is brighter laundry, softer towels and sparkling dishes. Soft water is better for home appliances, too. Go here and fill out the form to request a free test strip then look for it to arrive in your mail within 2 weeks. Thank you, anachrisix!

About Water Softeners

Water softeners contain resin beads that remove hard water ions before they reach your sinks, showers and appliances. These resin beads need to be regularly recharged by salt water to keep your softener working its best. Premium salt products such as Morton® Clean and Protect™ Pellets will not only recharge your softener’s resin beads but will also help reduce buildup to extend the life of your appliances!

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