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FREE Balance Personalized Meditation & Sleep App 1-Year Membership (Reg. $69.99)

Get a FREE 1-Year Membership to Balance Personalized Meditation & Sleep when you download the free app. Improve your stress, sleep, and more with the world's first personalized meditation program. Simply, download the app from the App Store or Google Play and you'll automatically get your first year free. Offer ends 12/31.

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Your first year on Balance is free. After that, Balance offers two auto-renewing subscriptions at $11.99/month and $69.99/year. These prices are for United States customers, pricing in other countries may vary.


Balance is your personal meditation coach. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences. Using an audio library of thousands of files, Balance assembles a daily meditation that's perfect for you. The more you share over time, the more personalized and effective your meditations become.