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FREE Contract With The Devil PC Game Download

IndieGala is offering a FREE Contract With The Devil PC Game Download for a limited time. Welcome to the world where mysticism and reality, past and present, good and evil are united in a single whole! Click here to get it free. Check out all the other free games they are offering here.


The unknown sends you a letter and invites to his house, promising to tell something very important about your daughter. But during the dinner with the owner of the mansion, the terrible thing occurred: as soon as you threw off the blanket from antique mirror, a mysterious evil force stole your only daughter Lisa! Right before your eyes, she disappeared inside a large mirror without a trace, and the only witness of these strange events who could shed the light - disappeared. Return 7 vices back to the Vault in order to help Sonya to save yourself and her daughter. Use the tips of a bogy Brownie - it will become your faithful assistant in this dangerous journey full of mysticism.