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FREE Parallel Skin Microbiome Research Study Test Kit + FREE Finalized Kit

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Do you want to help advance skin microbiome science and accelerate personalized skincare? Sign up to participate in Parallel Health's research study and they will mail you FREE Skin Microbiome Research Study Test Kit in a few days. Once you receive your kit, complete a few skin swabs, and mail them back. When the study ends you'll receive the aggregate results from all participants. PLUS, for completing the study, you'll receive a free microbiome test kit when they officially launch that will provide a more in-depth personal assessment as well as 30% off of personalized skin care products based on your results. Click here then answer the 34 questions to sign up. No payment info required. Thank you, BBsBargains!

What is the purpose of the study?

Parallel wants to learn more about the skin microbiome of adults living in the United States and how they can design skin microbiome health/beauty products that are clean, safe, targeted, and efficacious. If you're happy with your skin, they want to know what your skin microbiome looks like so that they can help you maintain your skin microbiome and prevent premature aging/deterioration. If you're unhappy with your skin, then they want to understand why and then take a look at your skin microbiome, so that they can suggest products that will meaningfully improve your skin health.

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