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Earn FREE Gift Cards, Credit, Discounts & More with the Miles App

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Download the free Miles app then create an account to start earning points today that can be redeemed for rewards such as free gift cards, high-value discounts, deals and more. Enter the free code listed below in the app to add free points to your account (tap on your profile at the bottom right then on enter invite/special code).

LIMITED25K - 25,000 Bonus Miles (First 500)

BEACHDAY - 500 Bonus Miles

About Miles

Miles is a universal rewards app empowering anyone to earn miles automatically for all modes of transportation. The Miles app goes beyond airline miles or credit card points. They reward you for no matter how you get from point A to point B. Whether you drive, walk, bike, ride the train, we’ll award you miles for each mile traveled. For greener forms of travel, you will be rewarded even further. If you carpool or take a rideshare service (i.e. Lyft or Uber), you earn 2x miles. Users who ride the train or public transit receive 3x the miles. Ride a bike and receive 5x miles or choose to walk or run and earn 10x miles.

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