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Free BabelBark Fitness Monitor Product Testing (Apply)

Dog and cat owners! You could receive FREE BabelBark Fitness Monitors for your pet to participate in a Beta Product Testing. Apply for free today and if you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email with further instructions and a discount code to order 2 fitness monitors for free (value $35.95 x 2). You'll also receive 2 "connectors", and detailed instructions to participate in the beta. Following the beta (about 2 weeks) you can keep the fitness monitors but are expected to complete a short survey. Good luck!

About BabelBark

BabelBark is a software platform that connects you with your pet and the people that care for them. Part of the platform includes a fitness monitor that tracks your pet’s activity. This fitness monitor was designed for humans (Misfit Flash) and BabelBark developed several “connectors” to attach to a pet’s collar.


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