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Free PLANETARIANS Upcycled Ingredients Sample to Enter Cook-Off Contest

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PLANETARIANS is having a contest and looking for the best recipes using upcycled ingredients. Anyone interested in cooking and trying the new ingredients can get a free sample of upcycled ingredients to use to make a new recipe to enter in the contest. Winners will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of experiences to turn their recipe into a business, such as a cooking lesson, an acceleration program and a trial at an innovation center. Click this link then click the "Request the Free Sample" button and fill out the form to sign up. Thank you Rebecca!


PLANETARIANS upcycled ingredients are made from byproducts of the food production process. An especially common by-product is defatted seed – the dry matter that’s left after extracting oil from seeds. On average, 40% of the seed turns into the defatted seed. Defatted sunflower seeds are often fed to cattle but they have more protein (35%) by weight than we get back from beef (26%). To utilize this protein for human consumption, PLANETARIANS developed a technology that upcycles defatted seeds (among other food waste) into nutritious ingredients with 35% protein and 18% fiber. Replacing 30% all-purpose flour with PLANETARIANS ingredients turns baked goods into a good source of protein and fiber, while keeping costs the same.

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