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Free 'Create American Jobs, Reshore Your IT!' Bumper Sticker

PlanetMagpie is a supporter of the Reshoring movement (bringing manufacturing and IT services back to the U.S.) and they are offering up a Free 'Reshore Your IT!' Bumper Sticker for a limited time so you can show support in your local community. Click here then scroll down and fill out the form to request your free sticker today.

About The Reshoring Initiative

The Reshoring Initiative is a nationwide nonprofit working to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas. Their primary focus is on manufacturing jobs, and that includes IT (an essential component of modern manufacturing). The Initiative's members work with the U.S. government and the media to raise awareness and provide resources for promoting reshoring. They also work with businesses to illustrate the hidden costs of offshored manufacturing using their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator, as well as the benefits of workforce revitalization in the United States.