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Free Farmer Take Action Kit from United Soybean Board

The United Soybean Board is offering Farmers a Free Farmer Take Action Kit that includes a Take Action folder that contains printed versions of the following: A Herbicide Classification Poster [view], "Eleven That Threaten" Guide [view], Take Action Pledge [view], Weed Management Fact Sheets.

Take Action Against Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

It’s time to rethink weed control. To think beyond a single season and work towards long-term solutions. It’s time to take action against herbicide-resistant weeds. Controlling herbicide-resistant weeds can be challenging, but it’s a challenge we can fight together. Take Action is an industry-wide partnership between university weed scientists, major herbicide providers and corn, cotton, sorghum, soy and wheat organizations to help you manage herbicide-resistant weeds. Use this site to learn how you can diversify your weed control techniques to fight herbicide resistance.