50% Off Gabb Safe Cell Phone for Kids

50% Off Gabb Phone - The Safe Cell Phone for Kids - No Contract Required

Gabb Wireless is having a Back to School sale and offering 50% Off The Gabb Phone — the safe phone for kids with no internet, no social media and no games. No contract required. Go here and pay just $74.99 for the phone with this deal instead of $149.99. Free Shipping.

Additional Info

No contract needed. $25 activation. New lines only. While supplies last.

About Gabb

The best phone for kids, the Gabb Phone will keep you safely connected to your child without internet, social media, or app store access. Equipped with unlimited talk and text, Active GPS tracking, and geofencing safe zones keeps your child safely connected. For those who love to jam out, Gabb Music is the safe streaming platform with kids as the focus, and packed with clean music they actually want to listen to.


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