$15 Off $20 Order + FREE Shipping

$15 Off $20 Order from Amazon + FREE Shipping and you do NOT need Prime (Apple Users Only)

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If you have an Apple device and have not downloaded the Natural all-in-one shopping app yet, you can get $15 off any order of $20 or more when you use the code 15NATURAL or NATURAL15 at checkout. You can buy from many different stores through the app including Amazon and you don't need a Prime account to get free shipping. This is not a subscription so there's nothing to cancel! Follow the step by step instructions below to take advantage of this deal to score a $20 order for as low as $5 shipped!

Additional Info

If you already have the Natural app and used a promo code, you will not be able to use another one on the same device.

How to get $15 off $20

  1. CLICK HERE then download the app and create an account.
  2. Allow location services
  3. Scroll down, click on "Buy Something" and search for the product you want but make sure it has free shipping (you can sort by Prime only).
  4. Add to cart.
  5. Go to checkout and make sure your total is at least $20.
  6. Apply the code 15NATURAL or NATURAL15 to take $15 off $20 or more. If there is already a code in the box, you will need to delete it first.
  7. Place your order and enjoy the savings!
  8. Comment below and let us know what you score with this deal!

About Natural

Natural is the new way of ordering anything online. Whether it's ordering food, groceries or shopping online, you no longer go to Apps. Apps come to you. Simply say or type what you need, the right App forms itself around your words. Natural clears away the clutter on your screen. It allows you to focus on what you want, not how to get there.


  • Maddismom


    Got some great stuff for only $5.86 after discount thank you!

  • RadRedhead


    Awesome! I really needed filters for my cats’ water fountain and I also got some curl spray for my hair! Thank you!

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