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Luciana Rose Couture Diamond Veneer Stud Earrings $14 Shipped ($79.95 Value)

Get a pair of Diamond Veneer Stud Earrings from Luciana Rose Couture for $14 shipped! They are normally $79.95. They ship from the USA and should arrive within 3-10 days. You don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to obtain the ritziest look in the room, the way so many jewelers deceive buyers nowadays. Now, you can wear these stunning, synthetic diamonds that are just as beautiful, cost you significantly less and are much more ethically acquired than regular diamonds. Click here to buy a pair today!


When Luciana rose creates a piece of jewelry the first thing in her mind is quality, that's why all of their metals are hypo-allergenic, contain no nickel and start with a .925 sterling silver base. Once the perfect high quality metals are picked they then add our uniquely produced stones ... a cross between a CZ and a lab diamond their stones are treated with a special process to lock in the light and prevent moisture from penetrating the stone and causing it to turn yellow.

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