Udaily No Tie Shoe Laces $4.80

Udaily No Tie Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces $4.80 (Reg. $11.99)

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Get two sets of Udaily No Tie shoes laces from Amazon for $4.80 when you use the code RMOX34I8 at checkout! These shoelaces are normally sold for $11.99. Shipping is FREE on orders $25 and up, and for Prime members. There are a whole bunch of color choices you can choose from, and some mix matched ones as well! Click here to take a look.


Elastic tieless shoelaces for kids and adults come with 2 sets of 16 +16 laces to accommodate nearly all shoes and foot sizes, easy to use and adjust automatically rather than manually loosening and tightening traditional laces. No slipping, no looseness, and no heel pain! If you want to stop tying your laces every now and always find the laces untied then elastic shoe laces are the perfect product for you.


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