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FREE Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card ~ Save 5¢ Per Gallon & More

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Always pay less at the pump with the Shell Fuel Rewards Network — the FREE loyalty program that saves you money on every fill-up. New members will receive instant Gold Status and save 5¢/gal on every fill-up at participating Shell stations. Plus, members can earn more rewards from everyday activities like shopping, dining and traveling. More details below...

  1. Join the Fuel Rewards program for the first time and you'll receive instant Gold Status for the first 6 full months of their membership.
  2. Obtain a Fuel Rewards card (click on Account ➡ Manage Cards ➡ Order Card) or member ID for your Fuel Rewards account.
  3. The first 3 full months of your membership is your introductory period. You can try out Gold Status, no strings attached.
  4. The second 3 months is your qualification period. You must fill up 6 times during your qualification period to maintain your Gold Status in the future.
  5. Your 5¢/gal reward for having Gold Status will stack with other rewards you’ve earned in the Fuel Rewards program to save you even more.

About Fuel Rewards

The Fuel Rewards program is a FREE loyalty program that helps you spend less on gas, so you can spend more on what matters to you. Earn Fuel Rewards savings on what you already buy and do – groceries, shopping, dining out and more! Use your Fuel Rewards savings when you fill up at participating Shell stations nationwide – you'll see the price at the pump drop before your eyes!


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