FREE $25 Sign Up Bonus

FREE $25 Sign Up Bonus + FREE Debit Card + FREE $25 for Referrals

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If you have a social media account with at least 10 1,000 followers, you're considered a Content Creator and you can get a FREE $25 Sign Up Bonus when you join Creative Juice! There's no monthly fees, no credit check and you don't need to own a business. All you have to do is deposit any amount then make a purchase using your digital card to get the free $25. Get friends to do the same and you'll earn $25 PER Referral! EVERY 10 FRIENDS IS $1,000!! Follow the instructions below before this free money offer ends...



  1. Click here and sign up and enter code MBMGGOE8 if it's not automatically added.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Connect a social media account with at least 1,000 followers (Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, etc).
  4. Link a bank account.
  5. Deposit $1.00.
    • You can do a bank transfer or link the virtual card to cash app to add the money**.
  6. Use your virtual card to make a purchase.
  7. Order the Creative Juice physical debit card.
  8. Your $25 cash bonus will be deposited in your Creative Juice account within 30 days.

**How to link your virtual card to Cash App

  1. Go to the Menu on your Creative Juice account, click on Card and copy your digital card number.
  2. Open Cash App, tap on your profile then on Linked Banks and add your Creative Juice debit card.
    • You will need at least $1 in your Cash App account.
    • If you have a debit card already linked in your Cash App, you will need to replace it with your Creative Juice card to complete the $1 transfer correctly. You can easily add it back after the transfer.
  3. Send $1 instantly to your Creative Juice card from Cash App. There's a $0.25 instant transfer fee so you'll transfer $0.75.
  4. Go to and search Amazon reload.
  5. Set reload amount to $0.75, add your Creative Juice card as a payment method then place your order and you're done.

The Cash App/Amazon reload option is the quickest way to get your $25 bonus instead of waiting for a deposit to clear from your bank. However, you do not have to buy an Amazon gift card. You can deposit any amount to your Creative Juice account and spend it on whatever you'd like.

About Creative Juice

Creative Juice is a startup provider of banking and financial services specifically for content creators. It provides useful tools and insights to help creators keep track of their finances. The company also offers funding for creators to develop their businesses.

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  • Trishamosher


    I done everything and it worked fine. Now should it tell me I have $25 pending or something along those lines cause it doesn't?! And its saying my account setup is only 3 outta 4 steps complete cause I didn't link my bank I just added my virtual debit # to my cash app and added $1.00 and loaded $0.75 to my Amazon gift card balance like you said. So im good if I don't link my actual bank account info cause it won't accept my cash app bank info cause it's not an actual checking account. I just wanted to make sure that I was good to go without adding my actual bank and my $25 would show up in 30 days.

  • cOwmOon


    Do I need to wait for the physical card to arrive before I can do this?

    • MrVonBeau


      Hi there, @cOwmOon. They provide you with a digital card. This offer can end at anytime so I would suggest completing all steps ASAP. Let us know if you have any questions or issues.

      • cOwmOon


        Thank you!


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