$50 Gift Card for only $35

$50 Gift Card for ONLY $35 (TODAY ONLY) PLUS 3 $20 Gift Cards for $15

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Today only, you can get a $50 Gift Card for only $35 when you sign up for a new Slide account. After your first gift card purchase, you can then get THREE $20 gift cards for $15. Choose from Ulta, Lowe's, Bath & Body Work, eBay, Game Stop, Chipotle, Doordash, Dunkin', Uber, Domino's, and over 250 more. Plus, you'll earn 4% back in every purchase! Offer ends midnight tonight! Follow the steps below!

  1. CLICK HERE and download the Slide app
  2. Next, CLICK HERE to activate your FREE $20 Credit ($5 off your first 4 purchases)
  3. Choose any retailer you want a gift card for
  4. Tap PAY NOW
  5. Type in $50.00 then tap REVIEW
  6. $10 off will automatically apply
  7. Select the Slide Balance to apply the $5 Credit
  8. Slide to Pay

Get $5 off your next 3 purchases to get $20 gift cards for only $15.

This offer is for NEW Slide members only.

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