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99% OFF for CashApp Users

99% OFF Purchases for Cash App Users Every Day this Week

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021 | Comment | Disclosure

Every day this week, CashApp will be offering a Boost in the app for 99% off a purchase at select merchants (Monday's boost was for 99% off at, Tuesday's boost was 99% off at!). Sign up here then click the cash card section (2nd icon at the bottom) and request a free cash card. Follow @CashApp on Twitter then turn on notifications and be ready to act fast to add the Boost to your CashApp account to get 99% off an order at the select merchant.

  1. Click here to create a free CashApp account and download the app. You'll get $5 for FREE when you send $5 to a friend within 14 days!
  2. Tap on the card icon on the bottom menu (it's the second one) and order your Visa Cash Card in the app.
  3. You don't have to wait for the physical card as you will instantly have a digital card that you can apply Boosts to.
  4. They will announce on their Twitter page when the 99% off boost is live, and you'll have an extremely limited amount of time to apply it to your card (usually less than 5 minutes!).
    • To add a Boost: Tap on the card icon at the bottom of the app, then Add Boost and choose the 99% off Boost (when available) then tap the 'Add Boost' button to confirm.
  5. Once you add the Boost, just make a purchase at the merchant using your digital CashApp card as the payment and you'll get 99% off automatically!

99% off Boost can only be applied to one purchase.

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