FREE 45 Reasons To Squat T-Shirt

FREE '45 Reasons To Squat' T-Shirt (Facebook Required)

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The Colon Cancer Foundation will send you a FREE 45 Reasons To Squat T-Shirt when you join the 3000 Squats in November challenge in Messenger committing to 3,000 squats in November and helping raise funds to reach their goal of screening 10,000 people in 2021. Go to the Go here then click Sign up and fill out the form. Join the Facebook Group then click the Register here link in the Announcement post at the top to claim your FREE t-shirt!

About the Challenge

3000 Squats in November supports the Colon Cancer Foundation's goal to lead the fight against colorectal cancer (CRC) by supporting research that will lead to the prevention of, therapy for, and eradication of CRC in our lifetime, educating the public and the healthcare community about CRC and the most effective strategies for preventing the disease and advocating for equal access to quality of life-affirming, fertility-preserving treatment for all patients and caregivers.

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