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FREE $40 Worth of Items at CVS In-Store

FREE $40 Worth of Items at CVS In-Store (PayPal and Venmo Required)

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Here's a SUPER HOT freebie you don't want to miss!! Get $20 off a $20 Purchase at CVS from BOTH Paypal and Venmo, making it a total of $40 worth of items for FREE!! This offer is limited to the FIRST 50,000 and will NOT last very long so follow the instruction below to add the offer in your Paypal and Venmo apps and go to your CVS to shop ASAP!

  1. Open the Paypal or Venmo app. Download in the app store if you don't have them.
  2. Tap on Scan/Pay on the bottom left hand corner of the app.
  3. CLICK HERE and scan the QR Code. If you're on a phone, you will need another device so you can scan it, or you can print it out and scan it that way.
  4. Save the Offer in your app. You will need to do this in both the PayPal and Venmo apps if you want to get a total of $40 to spend for free, otherwise it'll just be $20.
  5. Go to your CVS store and shop. If you are using both PayPal and Venmo, you must do two separate transactions and they each must be OVER $20 to work.
  6. Pay for your items with PayPal or Venmo by scanning the QR code in the app then tap "Finish and Pay" at self-checkout or have the cashier scan and complete. You won't see anything about the $20 offer when paying in store but you already saved it earlier so it will work.

NOTE: To locate the QR code when paying, open your PayPal or Venmo app, tap "Scan" at the bottom left then towards to the top of the app tap "Show to Pay" to generate your QR code. If you haven't set up your payment methods on Paypal/Venmo, you'll need to do so before you can use the QR code.

Limit one offer per PayPal account and one offer per Venmo account.


  • SalchipapaSalchipapa

    Maximum number of offers has been reached.

    • MrsVonBeauMrsVonBeau

      Thank you for the update.


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