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FREE Far Cry 3 PC Game Download

FREE Far Cry 3 PC Game Download (Reg $19.99)

Tuesday, Sep 7, 2021 | Comment

Ubisoft is giving away a FREE Far Cry 3 PC Game Download until September 11th at 6:30 am (your local time). Ubisoft Connect PC required to play. Click this link then click the PC icon and log in or create a free account. Your new game will be added to your Uplay PC Games library and you can play it at anytime!


Experience the terror of a tropical paradise vacation gone desperately wrong in Far Cry 3. As unexpected hero Jason Brody, seek alliances with island natives to save your friends from bloodthirsty pirates and thugs. First-person shooter Far Cry 3 features complex, darkly violent gameplay that involves developing survival and fighting skills and increasing your ability to craft necessary objects. Sharply written characters and a compelling, twisting plot lead you through a unpredictable open world play that takes you deep inside stunning landscapes, but far beyond your comfort zone. Survive a world of primitive brutality that offers a true test of your survivor's mettle in the malevolent dystopia of Far Cry 3 for PC.

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