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FREE Boston Tea Party eBook

FREE Boston Tea Party: A History from Beginning to End (American Revolutionary War) eBook

Saturday, Jul 3, 2021 | 2 Comments | Disclosure

Through July 4th, you can get the ebook Boston Tea Party: A History from Beginning to End (American Revolutionary War) for FREE (regularly $2.99).


On a December night in 1773, in an iconic act of civil disobedience, American colonists dressed as Native Americans boarded a merchant ship laden with tea. They tossed the tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of taxation without representation. Their motivation at the time was not one of a battle for independence; rather, they sought what they viewed as their constitutional right to representation in the British Parliament. While not meant to instigate a revolution, this single protest would eventually lead to an all-out conflagration with Great Britain and the American Revolutionary War. This book tells the story of the rising tensions between the American colonies and Great Britain that would result in what became known as the Boston Tea Party. It also tells of how this act of defiance ignited the passions of American patriots and led to the formation of the United States of America. It’s an example of how one moment in time can lead to historical changes that affect the entire world.


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