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Growers can get 2 Liquid Nutrients or 3 Dry Amendments Samples from Aurora Innovations for the cost of shipping which is $8.75, while supplies last.

2 Liquid Nutrients or 3 Dry $8.75 Shipped

2 Liquid Nutrients or 3 Dry $8.75 Shipped

Apr 30, 2021 @ 9:19AM CDT | Comment

Aurora Innovations offers 2 Liquid Nutrients or 3 Dry Amendments 8 oz. Samples to Growers for free, you just have to pay $8.75 for shipping and handling. Choose 2 of the follow Liquid Nutrients: Roots Organics Buddha Grow, Roots Organics Buddha Bloom, Roots Organics Trinity, Roots Organics Surge, Roots Organics Extreme Serene, Roots Organics Ancient Amber, Roots Organics HP2, Roots Organics HPK, Roots Organics CalMag, Soul Grow, Soul Bloom, Soul Infinity, Soul Amino-Aide, Soul Grow-N, Soul Big Swell, Soul Peak OR choose 3 of the following Dry Amendments: Nitro Bat Guan, Phos Bat Guano, Super Phos Bat Guano, Seabird Guano (powdered), Seabird Guano (granular), Oregonism XL, Elemental, Soybean Meal, Uprising Foundation, Uprising Grow, Uprising Bloom, Terp Tea Grow, Terp Tea Bloom. Click here to order yours today!

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