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FREE $25 Grocery Rebate from Babybel Plus+ Probiotic Campaign (Must Apply)

FREE $25 Grocery Rebate - The Insiders Community is looking for health conscience members interested in trying Babybel Plus+ dairy snack product while sharing feedback and reviews of the product! Click here then register or log in and apply today. If chosen to participate, you will need to purchase one 6 count bag of Babybel Plus+ and you will receive a $25 grocery rebate. GOOD LUCK!

Product description

Enjoy the delicious creamy taste of Babybel Plus+ dairy snacks, now with the added health benefits of probiotics to keep your gut happy and healthy! Babybel Plus+ Probiotic contains billions of live and active cultures of the LGG® probiotics strain, with evidence to suggest immune health benefits when consumed as a part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Babybel Plus+ delivers the same delicious, cheesy taste you know and love from Babybel, packed with protein and calcium to keep you going. If you’re looking to indulge in a snack you can feel good about, look no further and plus up with Babybel Plus+ Probiotic dairy snacks, available in the dairy section next to Mini Babybel 100% Real Cheese.

Thank you, Ilovefreebies