Free TENA Intimates Heavy Trial Kit

Free TENA Intimates Heavy Trial Kit

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Sign up to receive a Free TENA Intimates Heavy Trial Kit that includes 1 TENA Intimates Maximum Long Pad, 1 TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad and 1 TENA Intimates Overnight Pad. Limit 1 free trial kit per customer per year, 4 per lifetime.

Product description

Designed for those experiencing heavier leaks or surge incontinence, these pads offer a range of absorbency and security. Our TENA Intimates Heavy and Ultimate pads are ideal for protecting you from heavy stress incontinence and surge incontinence. The combination of our 3D Surface and ProSkin Technologies mean you're protected from leaks Odor and Wetness. Or try our TENA Overnight Pad with lie down protection. Designed to protect you from leaks and heavy incontinence whether standing, sitting or laying down.

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