Free Fanny Pack and Butter Churner

FREE It's All Glad Fanny Pack and Butter Churner from Glad

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According to their new commercial, Glad is offering a Free Fanny Pack and Butter Churner when you call the special request line! This one is a little tricky to get though. You'll need to keep calling the number over and over until you can get someone to pick up instead of sending you to voicemail. To try for one, call 1-833-255-4523 (833-All-Glad) then press the number 1 and if you're lucky, a rep will pick up and take your info. If you are asked if you're calling about the commercial, tell them yes. Let us know if you have any luck with this one!

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This offer is very popular so it'll take lots of patience to get through. If you get a voicemail or error, hang up and keep calling back until you get through to someone or try back later this evening when hopefully the line isn't so busy.

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