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Apply for the chance to host a College Football Playoff Virtual Party​ and you'll receive an exclusive Party Pack if chosen. 1,300 host spots available. Good luck!

Free Party​ Pack if Chosen

Free Party​ Pack if Chosen

Dec 2, 2020 @ 1:53PM CST | Comment

Ripple Street has a new virtual party opportunity and you could receive a FREE Cheez-It College Football Playoff Virtual Party​ Pack if you are one of the lucky 1,300 chosen to host a virtual party on January 11th, 2021! Click here then log in or register and apply today. If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, you and each of your 4 guests’ exclusive Party Packs will contain: 1 $10 Visa Gift Card to help you get ready for your party. Good luck!

Hosting a Virtual House Party

If you are selected as a host, you and your friends will get to watch The College Football Playoff National Championship on ESPN, play a fun game of Cheez-It® Bingo and of course enjoy Cheez-It® together virtually. We recommend using the Zoom app (but you may choose another platform on your computer or tablet) and have some fun Zoom virtual backgrounds that you and your guests can enjoy during the Virtual House Party. Find them on the Favors tab starting on December 11th, along with the “What is a Virtual House Party?” Favor for more details and directions.

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