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FREE Full Size Deep Conditioner

Possible FREE Full Size Deep Conditioner from Dr. Miracle's on Facebook

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There's a new sponsored ad on Facebook for a FREE Full Size Deep Conditioner from Dr. Miracle's so keep an eye on your newsfeed and let us know if it pops up for you! Since it's a targeted ad, there's no way to link to it. You can try the following suggestions and it may show up in your feed in a day or so. First, like Dr. Miracle's on Facebook and follow @drmiracles on Instagram then like 3-4 of the most recent posts on each page. Search "Dr. Miracle's" on Google and scroll the results for a few seconds. Close everything out. Wait a few minutes then check your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed for the ad to show. Remember, it can take several days to show up so just keep a watch on your feed.

Product description

Dr. Miracle's nourishing products combat dryness, shedding and breakage to support healthy hair and a thriving scalp. Whether you prefer wearing your natural hair out, or in protective styles, they give you the tools to prevent damage and aid in length retention. Formulated to hydrate, nourish and detangle, Dr. Miracle’s has everything you need for stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair.

Possible Free Dr. Miracle's Full Size Deep Conditioner on Facebook

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