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Monster Steer Grip Product Testing

Apply to try a Monster Steer Grip for FREE from 0.8L

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 | Comment

Monster Steer Grip makes use of principles from Korean medicinal tradition. Apply to try a Monster Steer Grip for FREE from 0.8L in exchange for a review on Instagram. 10 applicants will be selected for this experience. The Monster Steer Grip's patented massaging technology stimulates the palm and the fingers without pain, bringing awareness and health benefits of massage.

Product description

Inspired by and designed from the driver’s natural routine of grabbing the steering wheel. The small and spiky massage dots stretching over the cover are slightly soft, gently stimulating your palms and fingers and waking up your nervous system. Made out of soft and pliable silicone rubber, it provides a firm grip on the steering wheel to prevent any slippages. Designed to mitigate the difficulties of holding onto a steering wheel for extended periods by facilitating the drivers to use the wheel with both hands. Also elastic plate springs are inserted in each end of our cover to keep it secure at its edges, preventing it from detaching or sliding. Easy to install in three seconds, Installable at any place on the steering wheel.

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