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Diatomaceous Earth Wallpaper Testing

Apply to try Diatomaceous Earth Wallpaper for FREE from 0.8L

Friday, Nov 20, 2020 | Comment

Are you interested in trying an eco-friendly healthy wall paint solution with phytoncide and vitamin e? Head over to 0.8L and apply to try Diatomaceous Earth Wallpaper for FREE if you are one of the lucky 5 applicants selected. Good luck!

Product description

It is a product that combines diatomaceous earth, which is highly absorbable due to its fine porosity, vitamin E, which has a strong anti-oxidation effect, and phytoncide, which creates a fragrance of the forest. In addition, it is possible to construct all walls + doors + furniture with this product, and it has the function of preventing mold and controlling indoor humidity. Vitamin E special coating technology allows you to receive vitamins when rubbed against the wallpaper, releases phytoncide indoors like in a forest, and incorporates the latest technology beyond eco-friendly certification. In addition, there is no worries about children scribbles, and this product, which has an insulation function that keeps the indoor air constant, has a fire prevention effect.

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