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FREE Sonoma Cheese Crisps Sampling Kit

FREE Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps Sampling Kit from Moms Meet if Chosen (Apply)

Thursday, Nov 19, 2020 | Comment

Moms Meet will be selecting ambassadors to receive a FREE Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps Sampling Kit to try with their mom friends. Apply today and accepted, you'll be shipped samples of Sonoma Creamery Parmesan Cheese Crisps and Cheddar Cheese Crisps to try with your group, along with coupons for your group and additional products for you. Not a Moms Meet member? Follow the steps below to sign up for free then apply for the sampling.

  1. First, join Moms Meet as a Mom Ambassador or log in if you're already a member.
  2. Go to the Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crispers Sampling then click "Apply to Sample".
  3. You will be notified in 3-4 weeks if you are chosen. You can also check the status of your application this way: log into your Moms Meet account, click on Try & Review at the top then under where it says "Sampling Center", click on the product you applied to sample.

About Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps

If you’ve been craving a great-tasting, crunchy, savory snack that’s also good for you, Sonoma Creamery® Cheese Crisps might just become your go-to. Try two of their most popular flavors, Parmesan Cheese and Cheddar Cheese. Both varieties are always baked (never fried) and then sprinkled with quinoa or brown rice for a gluten-free, natural snack that is simply delicious. Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps are made with real cheese from rBST-free milk and are naturally lactose free. High in protein and low in carbs with zero sugar, these crunchy cheese crisps are a great addition to your snack shelf and will be loved by the whole family.

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