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Claim a FREE 1-year subscription to Women's Health magazine from Mercury Magazines today and stay up to date with smart and fun new ways to stay in terrific shape, look amazing and discover tasty (and healthy!) things to eat. While supplies last.

FREE subscription to Women's Health

FREE subscription to Women's Health

Nov 7, 2020 @ 12:49PM CST | Comment

Sign up to receive a FREE 1-Year Print Subscription to Women's Health Magazine ($10 value) from Mercury Magazines today. While supplies last. Click this link then fill out the form and answer a few questions about your job. If you do not work, you can select Other Industries/Homemaker/None/None. Close out the pop-up add, to see the form to enter your mailing info. Skip the special offers and close out the pop-up offer the $2 magazine deals to see your confirmation.

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