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FREE Teeth Whitening Strips

Possible FREE Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips (Facebook/ Instagram Required)

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 | Comment

Spotlight Oral Care is offering FREE Teeth Whitening Strips through a Sponsored Ad on Facebook and Instagram. Your account must be targeted to claim the offer so try the suggestions below to see if the offer pops up in your newsfeed in a day or so.

  • Like Spotlight Oral Care on Facebook and Follow @spotlight_oral_care on Instagram then like a 3-4 of their most recent posts.
  • Search Spotlight Oral Care on Google then scroll through the results for a few seconds.
  • Close everything out, wait a few minutes then open Facebook or Instagram again.
  • Keep an eye on your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed when scrolling to see if the offer pops up for you.
  • Remember, it make take a few days before you see it.
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