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Possible FREE PopSocket from The Accident Guys (Facebook Required)

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The Accident Guys is running a sponsored ad on Facebook for a FREE The Accident Guys PopSocket but the offer must show in your newsfeed (see screenshot below) for you to be able to see the "Learn More" button in the post to claim it (see screenshot below). Try the following tips then keep an eye on your feed in the next day or so. Let us know if you are able to score one!

  • Like the The Accident Guys Facebook page and Follow @theaccidentguys on Instagram then like a 3-4 of their mosts recent posts.
  • Search The Accident Guys on Google and Facebook.
  • Close everything out, wait a few minutes then open Facebook or Instagram again.
  • Keep an eye on your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed when scrolling to see if the offer pops up for you.
  • Remember, it make take a few days before you see it.
Sponsored ad for free popsocket

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