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FREE Coconut Scented Air Freshener

Possible FREE Coconut Scented Air Freshener (Facebook Required)

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TEAMLTD is giving away a FREE Coconut Scented Air Freshener through a Sponsored Ad on Facebook to targeted users. Since there is no way to link directly to this offer, you'll need to try the following suggestions and it may show up in your newsfeed in a day or so. First, like the TEAMLTD facebook page and scroll down their page and like a few of their posts. Next, search TEAMLTD on Google and scroll through the results for a few seconds. Close everything out then open Facebook and keep an eye on your newsfeed for the offer to pop up then you'll need to click the Sign Up button and enter your info on the form to claim. Come back and let us know if you get it!

Sponsored Facebook Ad for FREE Air Freshener

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