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FREE Patriot Games (4K UHD) Movie Download

FREE Patriot Games (4K UHD) Movie Download

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020 | Comment | Disclosure

Buy Patriot Games (4K UHD) for FREE on Amazon for a limited time. In this film, Jack Ryan must quickly evolve from soldier to analyst to full-fledged operative to stop a devastating terrorist plot against the United States. Click here then click the "Buy UHD $0.00" button and it'll be added to your Amazon Video library for you to watch at any time.

About Patriot Games

Ex-CIA agent Jack Ryan is forced back into service when he saves the lives of the English minister to Northern Ireland and his family from a terrorist attack, killing one of the perpetrators in the process. The dead man's brother, also a member of an IRA splinter faction, vows revenge on Ryan and his family and pursues them to the United States. Ryan knows it is only a matter of time till he comes face to face with his nemesis... and that only one of them will come out alive.

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